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Baltic Publishing  is a high quality peer reviewed publishing house headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia. We work to streamline and simplify the often overly long process of getting academic books published. Our editorial staff is of the highest standard. We design books which are attractive and don't look like "text" books but beautiful cultural products. They are made with care for content and meaning . We publish across the humanities with special attention to topics that are personal, overlooked and innovative. Our books meet the best standards of scholarship while pushing the boundaries of academic publishing. 


Dr. Michael Amundsen, Arizona State University

Editorial board

Foundation Professor Robert E. Bjork, Arizona State University

Associate Professor Ilya Dementev, Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University

Professor Emeritus Mark Gottdiener, State University of New York at Buffalo

Professor Timo Kallinen, University of Eastern Finland

Professor Ari Lehtinen, University of Eastern Finland

Dr. Tessa Muncey

Professor Mary Scott, San Francisco State University

Associate Professor Oxana Timofeeva, European University in Saint Petersburg   

Professor Rob Sean Wilson, University of California Santa Cruz


Baltic Publishing  welcomes book proposals in the broad range of the humanities.  We are interested in books that take a fresh angle on their subject matter. Works which reflect on  personal experience such as autoethnography or which use artistic methods are also welcome.

When pitching your book, please include the following:

The tentative title

Names of author(s) and CV for each primary author and editor

Provide a description of the book's contents in 3-4 paragraphs. Include how you think your book will contribute to your field.

An annotated table of contents.

Length of the book.

The estimated date of completion.

Journals which should receive review copies.

Proposals should be sent to

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